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Graduation 2023 (TBD)

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Student expectations

Graduates must arrive by 9:00 am for roll call at Highlands High School or they will NOT be permitted to participate in the
graduation ceremony.
All graduates must be dressed and ready to line up by 9:30 am in alphabetical order.
All graduates will be checked for appropriate clothing.
Graduates will not carry anything with them.
(no balloons, stuffed animals, backpacks, purses, etc.)
No spiked heels are allowed on the turf in the stadium.
(Heels cannot be less than the diameter of a quarter)
No leis of any kind.
(candy, flowers, etc.)
Decorations or embellishments to the cap and gown are NOT allowed.

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Participation requirements

Students who have not met all the graduation requirements may not participate in the graduation ceremony.
The 2023 graduating requirements for a Pacific High School student include being capable of earning 220 credits in the correct subject areas within the end of their senior school year.
The administration may deny the privilege of participating in the graduation ceremony and/or activities based on the student’s conduct and behavior.

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Guest Information

Gates will open at 9:30 am with open seating. Guests must
present tickets upon entry.
There is plenty of parking on Keema Avenue in front of the
Stadium, in the lot across from the baseball fields, and along the road on Guthrie Street.
Balloons, signs, and any noise-making devices are prohibited in the stadium.