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JROTC Archery (NASP)

CalNASP_Virtual_State_(Bulls_Eye)_Tournament Card IconCalNASP Virtual State (Bulls Eye) Tournament

St._Jude_E-Championship_Charity__Tournament_-February_2023 Card IconSt. Jude E-Championship Charity Tournament -February 2023

Reindeer_Hunt_December_2022 Card Icon Reindeer Hunt December 2022

JROTC_Archery__Turkey_Shoot_November_2022_ Card IconJROTC Archery Turkey Shoot November 2022

2022_JROTC_Inaugural_Western_Championship_-Sandy,_Utah Card Icon2022 JROTC Inaugural Western Championship -Sandy, Utah

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Pathfinder archery PROGRAM 

  1. Pacific High School Army JROTC (Pathfinder) receives approval to participate in the NASP - National Archery in the School Program.

  2. U.S. Army Cadet Command provided JROTC units the opportunity to participate in archery competitions at the unit, State, Regional and National levels.

  3. Encourage  JROTC units, within resources, to provide an Archery program that affords Cadets the opportunity to focus on learning a skill, developing self-control, discipline, patience, and experiencing some life lessons required to be successful in the classroom and in life.


JROTC's objectives are:

  • To promote esprit de corps, teamwork, ad self-confidence among JROTC Cadets.

  • To promote safety in the use of archery equipment.

  • To strengthen confidence and competence in the use of archery equipment and techniques through participation in competitions.

  • To serve as a JROTC Cadet recruiting and retention tool.

 Other benefits:

  • Extremely Safe

  • Teaches respect and responsibility

  • Any cadet can participate

  • Physical and mental discipline

  • Individual and team goals

  • Lifetime sport

  • State of the art equipment

We utilize Genesis Original Bows w/Easton hollow arrows.  Genesis Original Bow kits can be found on Amazon for around $170.  NASP/JROTC use the Morrell FITA (International) style target during all levels of archery.


                    bow                arrow   NASP FITA Target


The program outcome of the Pathfinder Archery Team is to give cadets an opportunity to participate in an alternative sports program other than standard football or basketball.

The coaches are CSM Topasna (BAI certified) and SFC Williams. Cadets will receive training on the basic fundamentals of shooting.

The initial training consist of the following lessons:

  • Introduction - The History of Archery

  • Range Safety Orientation

  • Determining Eye Dominance

  • String Bow training

  • Eleven Steps to Archery Success

  • Archery Journal Entry

  • Safety Orientation

  • Range Operation

  • Scoring

  • Etiquette

  • Targets (FITA)

  • Bow equipment 

  • Arrow equipment

Practices (see calendar)

The practices are tentatively weekly afternoon from 2:30 to 3:30 at the Pacific HS multipurpose building (School Cafeteria).  Due to the pandemic competitions or tournaments are TBD, and the arrival of the archery equipment will determine the training and team selection. We anticipate the training to start in the 3rd quarter.

The practices will change to accommodate our tournament teams. The teams will participate in local tournaments and the state National Archery in the Schools and NASP region and state tournaments, with the opportunity to qualify for the National tournament. Once the team is chosen additional practices will be necessary. 

There are no dues to join the Pathfinder Archery team; however, funds may be required during the school year to help cover the cost of the equipment, supplies, t-shirt, and tournament fees. Each team may be tasked and assigned a goal of how much they must raise for the team to meet expenses during the school year (TBD).