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JROTC Curriculum (CMv3 NEW)

Course_Description Card IconCourse Description

The Army JROTC Curriculum is an accredited high school elective focusing on the development of better citizens by building skills in leadership, citizenship, life success, geography, cultural awareness, wellness, and fitness in a structured, collaborative, and interactive environment.

The JROTC curriculum has been crosswalked with the 9-12th grade ELA Common Core Standards and the Numbers and Quantity Mathematics Common Core Standard. The Crosswalk between the JROTC curriculum and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) can be found in the Curriculum Manager (CM), Menu, Global Resources, State Standards to the Common Core tab. Standards linked or associated with JROTC lesson outcomes do not imply that the outcomes meet the requirements for acquisition of core subject area credit. However, by linking the Common Core ELA and Math as appropriate, the curriculum provides a picture of how JROTC curriculum supports core areas such as English/Language Arts, History, Social Studies, Science and Technology.


JROTC_Curriculum_Publication Card IconJROTC Curriculum Publication

unit_1_-_let_1:_emerging_leader Card Icon
unit 1 - let 1: emerging leader

University of California approved "A-G" curriculum

College-Preparatory Elective "g" 1 year required


Unit 1: Chapter 1: Foundations of Army JROTC and Getting Involved

Unit 2: Chapter 1: Being a Leader 

Unit 2: Chapter 2: Leadership Skills 

Unit 3: Chapter 1: Know Yourself - Socrates 

Unit 3: Chapter 2: Learning to Learn 

Unit 3: Chapter 3: Study Skills 

Unit 3: Chapter 4: Communication Skills 

Unit 3: Chapter 5: Conflict Resolution 

Unit 3: Chapter 11: NEFE High School Financial Planning Program

Unit 3: Chapter 8:  Making a Difference with Service learning

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unit 2 - let 2: supervising leader

JROTC_LET_Level_&_Elective_texts Card IconJROTC LET Level & Elective texts

UNIT_3_-_LET_3_-supervising_leader Card Icon
UNIT 3 - LET 3 -supervising leader

University of California approved "A-G" curriculum

College-Preparatory Elective "g" 1 year required

Unit 4: Chapter 1:  Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle
Unit 4: Chapter 2: First Aid for Emergency and Non-Emergency Situation
Unit 4: Chapter 3: Drug Awareness
Unit 5: Chapter 1: Map Skills
Unit 6: Chapter 1: You the People Citizenship Skills
Unit 6: Chapter 2: Foundation American Political System 
Unit 6: Chapter 3: Creating the Constitution 
Unit 6: Chapter 7: Citizen Roles In American Democracy
Unit 3: Chapter 8: Making a Difference with Service Learning


unit_4_-_let_4:_managing_leader Card Icon
unit 4 - let 4: managing leader