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Physical Education

Physical Education Syllabus Mrs. Kirby Objective: Physical Education is an integral part of a balanced education. This course will provide all students with an opportunity to learn about general movement concepts and apply them to a variety of physical activities. We strive to offer a developmental and age appropriate program in which to provide students with the knowledge and ability needed to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Our main goals include:
● Movement Skills and Movement Knowledge
● Self Image and Personal Physical Development
● Social Development within a physically active setting Student Responsibilities:
1. Come to class each day completely prepared with all materials including: a. Shoes that tie (no slip ons/slides) b. A water bottle is optional and is a privilege that can be removed by misuse.
2. Come to class ready to learn and participate with an open mind and a positive attitude.
3. Always be respectful to your teacher and other students. Classroom Consequences:
1. Teacher will usually provide a warning on the first offense.
2. The second offense will result in a teacher detention.
3. The third offense will result in a parent teacher phone call.
4. Referral to office.
Keep in mind that some issues require a faster progression through the consequences.
1. Sit on roll call number or roll spot facing your teacher.
2. If roll begins and you are not in your spot you are TARDY.
3. Do not touch any equipment or apparatus that is set up for class.
4. If a student brings a medical excuse and cannot participate in class activities they must speak to their teacher about how to make up classwork.
Options may include writing a report on an assigned topic or completing a PE make-up. Warm-Ups:
1. You are responsible for knowing each exercise (name, muscles involved and purpose).
2. Warm-ups are part of your participation grade.
3. If you are excused from activity by a note, gentle stretching and modified activities may still be possible. Class Activity: 1. Stay with your class at all times. Do not leave the P.E. area without teacher’s permission. 2. If balls go over fence you must notify the teacher. 3. Students must report all injuries to teacher immediately. Uniforms: PHS does not dress out for Physical Education, but students may bring extra shoes and clothing items and store them in the office if they so wish. Otherwise, all PE students are responsible for dressing appropriately for all their classes, including PE. Excuses for non-participation resulting from shoes, sandals, or white t-shirts are not acceptable. Medicals: If a student is sick or injured, a note from the parent/guardian or doctor is required to be excused from physical education class activities. A note does not excuse a student from attending class or participating in modified warm-ups if capable and can safely complete. A note from a parent will be honored for that day. If the medical condition exceeds one day another note is needed for each day. A doctor’s note is required for an extended period of time. Please ask the doctor to be specific as to the diagnosis of your child and what he/she can safely participate in (ie. No running but may walk, no contact sports, etc) If you would like your student to have an inhaler with him/her in class they need to have the appropriate self-medication forms completed with the office. ** Please hand all notes directly to your physical education teacher at the beginning of class