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Dress Code & School Rules

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Pacific Career & Technology High School
School Policies and Procedures
2021 – 2022 School Year

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    1. Charge your Chromebook every night and bring a fully charged Chromebook to school every day. If devices are left at home, students are responsible for completing coursework as if they had their device present.
  • 2.  Food delivery services (such as UberEats, Door Dash, Grubhub, Postmates, etc.), are NOT allowed at Pacific High School. All students are provided with free lunch in the cafeteria. If it is necessary for a parent/guardian to drop off food, it must be brought into the office. Food will be held in the office until the designated lunchtime. Students are not allowed to pick up lunch at the street curb/parking lot.  
  • 3.  Students will have access to credit recovery courses at Pacific High School. Our school policy dictates that up to a maximum of six (6) credit recovery courses per semester will be offered to your child – depending on their credit recovery needs. These credit recovery courses are in addition to their regularly assigned class schedule. Students are expected to maintain academic integrity. If any student engages in academic dishonesty in their credit recovery courses, their credit recovery access will be revoked for the remainder of the semester.
  • 4.  Smoking, or being in the possession of tobacco, is prohibited on school premises. This includes vape pens, cigarettes, marijuana, lighters, rolling papers, or any other smoking paraphernalia.
  • 5.  Electronic devices should not be used during instructional time without teacher permission.
  • 6.  All Twin Rivers schools are closed campuses. Students are not allowed off-campus during school hours, including the lunch period. Students are to remain on campus until their school schedule is complete unless they obtain an early dismissal through the main office. Even if a student is over 18 years old, a parent or guardian must still be contacted for an Early Dismissal.
  • 7.  Fighting is not permitted at any time on or near school grounds. Assault or battery on students, teachers, or staff is strictly prohibited and violators will be prosecuted. Verbal confrontations that might lead to a physical confrontation or threats over the Internet or any electronic device will not be tolerated and is grounds for suspension.
  • 8. Defiance of valid authority, and/or vulgar language directed towards school personnel will not be tolerated, and disciplinary action will be taken.
  • 9. Students will not engage in any illegal/unethical activities while on school campus – such as visiting prohibited websites, gambling, etc.
  • 10. Clothing, jewelry, and personal items with language or images that are vulgar, sexually suggestive, discriminatory, obscene, or that promote illegal or violent content, such as the unlawful use of weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, drug paraphernalia, or that contain threats, is prohibited.
  • 11. Clothing should fit, be neat and clean, and conform to standards of safety, good taste, and decency. Clothing that exposes cleavage, private parts, the midriff, undergarments, or that is otherwise sexually provocative is prohibited.
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