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Pathfinder Marksmanship

CMP_-_JROTC_Three-Position_Air_Rifle_Postal_Match_Dec_2,_2022 Card IconCMP - JROTC Three-Position Air Rifle Postal Match Dec 2, 2022


A sport skill where a rifle is aimed, controlled, and fired so as to consistently hit a distant, difficult target.
  • A sport with a military heritage
  • An Olympic sport practiced worldwide
  • A sport that stresses control, discipline, concentration, and extreme precision
  • An enjoyable, lifetime recreation & competition activity

 AIR_RIFLE_targets Card Icon
AIR RIFLE targets

5-10     BMC
AR 5/10 meter target                       BMC AR 10 meter target

Marksmanship_Badges Card Icon
Marksmanship Badges

AR 5/10 target & score
      230 -300      130 - 200     110 - 129
AR BMC target & score
 290 - 300 188 - 230    175 - 187
The Pathfinder Air Rifle Program will consist of 3 teams and each team with have 4 cadets. Team 1 will have the top four scorers, Team 2 will have the following four high scorers. The remaining 4 will be alternates totaling 12 cadets. Cadets are expected to maintain a passing grade IAW program syllabus.  Air Rifle tryouts are reserved for cadets only IAW CCR 145-2 (para 3-23) Participating Students - page 21.

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Lead management


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Pathfinder Marksmanship team  

Air Rifle Competition uses the Civilian Marksmanship Program  National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules. 
All cadets participating in the Marksmanship team will receive lessons from (CMV3) Unit 5, Chapter 6 - Cadet Safety and Civilian Marksmanship Program prior to handling any air rifle.
Chapter 6: 10 Lessons
LESSON 1: History of Marksmanship
LESSON 2: Firearm Safety and Safe Range Operation 
LESSON 3: Target Shooting Equipment and Its Operation
LESSON 4: The First Target Position - Standing 
LESSON 5: Aiming and Firing
LESSON 6: Sight Adjustment and Scoring 
LESSON 7: The Prone Position
LESSON 8: The Kneeling Position 
LESSON 9: Practice and Skill Development
LESSON 10: Competition Opportunities 

NOTE: Cadets must complete the JROTC Air Rifle Marksmanship Cadet Safety Examination and must score 100 percent.

All cadets interested in joining the marksmanship team will participate in a tryout for selection.